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What is an independent Music Artist?


Independent music artists range from very successful music artists who are independent of the Major Music Labels, to Music Artists who struggle to make money from their craft(and struggle just to be heard). Some big labels call themselves independent labels because they are not the “big” names. I’m not writing about these names.

These independent music artists exist in almost every country.
The highest percentage of these independent music artists are women and men who don’t make enough money from their Music to live on(or retire on). Most of these Music artists music will never be heard on traditional radio(maybe some college radio). In addition, most of this music has never been heard by the Music listening public. Most of these independent music artists also have a “real” job that pays their bills.

So who are these unknown bands, independent singer songwriters, vocalists, musicians, etc? These independent music artists create music in their own homes, apartments, professional music studios(if they can afford them), they record live shows, and they distribute their music themselves. In addition to playing live, they use social networking and Internet music sites to share their music(like iTunes or Google play and many more). Some bands play local bars and clubs and do small tours, some independent music artists don’t even come out of their homes(apartments, moms basement) at all. I know of bands that tour(play gigs), but they only break even(money wise) with all the expenses of the tour(or local show).

I’ve read on many music sites that if someone is not willing to pay for the independent artists music(they don’t earn a real living from their music) then you are not a real musician, or a real music artist. Yes, there are many professional musicians that earn a living from their musicianship, but this doesn’t discount some of the best new indie music I’ve ever heard.

The highest percentage of independent music is written, created, produced, and played buy the artists/bands themselves. Their music is not vetted by music executives, commercial enterprises, radio executives etc. The music has a real feel to it, and many times surprises the listener. Most of this music is downloaded and shared around the Internet as MP3’s, and much is downloaded using torrents. Much of this music is played in local bars and clubs and never escapes it’s regional area.

With all of that said, some of the independent music out there is so poorly recorded that even if it’s a great song, you can’t hear it through the static, or poorly mixed song. I still like some of this music as well. You can still hear the power of the independent music artist.  These independent artists are where some the future “big names” come from, even if 99.9 percent of them are not monetarily successful.

If you hear a song that you like from an unknown music artist, share it with a friend. Word of mouth is still the greatest friend
of the independent music artist.

Written By Pathros 2/19/2015