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Another Robert Kunin Music site:

Please check out this Robert Kunin Weebly web site. You will find information on Robert Kunin Music, Play Robert Kunin YouTube Videos, Artist information, and where to buy, streem, or download Robert Kunin Music.

Robert Kunin Music on Weebly -Kunin music on youtube, places to buy Kunin Music, and how to contact artist Robert Kunin

Robert Kunin Music on Weebly -Kunin music on youtube, places to buy Kunin Music.



Robert Kunin was born in New York City, and has been influenced by many different types of music(and music artists). He plays Electric, and Acoustic Guitars, Trumpet, Keyboard, and some percussion(and a little Mandolin).

Robert Kunin’s music is a combination of acoustic and electric guitars(sometimes trumpet), with a mix of Rock, Progressive Folk, Blues, Word, (with SATIRE).

He is an independent music artist.

The best way to start this Blog, is to hear some of Robert Kunins music:

To hear/download (free) some of Robert Kunin’s music:

Gypsy  (download mp3)

Mother (download mp3)

Make you (download mp3)  

Heaven (Acoustic) (download mp3)

Backroads Blues (new song) (download mp3)

Bring me home(download mp3)

Grace (new music) (download mp3)  

I want you tonight  (download mp3)  

Instructions on how To Download Kunin Music:  Click your right mouse button on the “MP3″ link. Depending on your browser use: Save Target As, or Save As, or Save Link As.. then click. This will save the file to your computer.

You can download Kunin music in the form of a computer file(mp3) and play it on a computer, portable digital audio player, CD player(some), and DVD players(some) . MP3′s are great for downloading because their high level of compression reduces download times, but they still offer a high level of sound quality. For some, CD quality(not mp3) is still the only way.


More Kunin Songs can be found

here at the Internet Archive