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Taylor 514-ce(Acoustic)
Ibanez ST50(Electric)
– Bach Stradivarius Model 37 S. …….plus the Mandolin and all Vocals

Robert Kunin CD’s
Old Songs
She Went Up to Heaven
Conscious Reality
Rock Folk Blues Word
Music Not For The Masses

Plus: The Band of Indie Artists CD

You can download Kunin music in the form of a computer file(mp3) and play it on a computer, portable digital audio player, CD player(some), and DVD players(some) . MP3’s are great for downloading because their high level of compression reduces download times, but they still offer a high level of sound quality. For some, CD quality(not mp3) is still the only way.

Streaming audio lets you listen to a song without having to wait for the whole file to download to your computer first. It’s available on demand, and similar to listening to music on the radio. Unlike downloaded music, the quality of streaming audio is limited by the speed of your Internet connection. The faster the connection, the better the sound quality.

Instructions! How To Download: Click your right mouse button on “MP3” next to the song you want to download(in the download column), ect Save Target As… or Save As.. then click save.  


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Overview of Robert Kunin information on worldPress blog:

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Google search for Robert Kunin


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