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Robert Kunin music on Folk Alley
Four of Robert Kunin songs from his new CD Time Before What Time is it are now available to stream, download on the Folk Alley web site.

Folk Alley strives to bring folk music to the world via the Internet, reaching across the miles and the generations to provide global exposure for an art form with long-standing tradition and a loyal fan community.

Please take a minute and check out music artist Robert Kunin
on Folk Alley:

Robert Kunin is an independent music artist from New York, United States. Robert’s music is a combination of acoustic and electric guitars(sometimes trumpet), with a mix of Rock, Progressive Folk, Blues, Word, and electronic. He plays Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Vocals, Trumpet, Mandolin, and Keyboard.
ROBERT KUNIN CD’s: Rock Folk Blues Word, She Went Up to Heaven, Conscious Reality, Backroads, Happy to be here, Time Before What Time is it, Band of indie Artists (multi artist compilation CD), The Indy Underground (multi artist compilation CD)
Movies (Kunin music has been in): Exposure (2007)

Robert Kunin’s CD, ” Time Before what time is it ” has just been been
re released November 2014 on CD, and digital format. The new CD includes many extra songs that were not included in the limited initial release.

Track listing for robert Kunin’s CD Time Before What Time is it

1. Things that you do
2. Bang Bang New York
3. Grand Street
4. Drum
5. Gypsy
6. I Want You Tonight
7. Music Not for the Masses
8. Backroads Blues
9. Rain
10. Happy to be here
11. Where do you go
12. Grace
13. What goes up must come down
14. Someday
15. Connie’s song (the scooter song)
16. The Worlds Shortest Country music song
17. Insanity

Robert Kunin CD’s are available on Google Play and
you can buy individual tracks/songs on Google Play:

You can buy a physical CD (one you can hold in your hand) at


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