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New Robert Kunin Song
Grand Street (not going to make it)

This song is currently only available on ebay

Click on Image to Stream Grand Street by Robert Kunin

GO HERE To buy the CD “Time Before What Time is it”

“Time Before What Time Is It” is an alternate title for the Robert Kunin CD Backroads (renamed only for this limited printing). This CD has it’s own unique artwork(and title), and includes 2 extra songs, “Grand Street”(not on any Robert Kunin CD’s yet), and the song “Music Not for the Masses”.

Track Listing:

1. Things that you do
2. Bang Bang New York
3. Grand Street
4. Drum
5. I Want You Tonight
6. Grace
7. Music Not for the Masses
8. Backroads Blues

This CD is being Sold in a CD Sleeve, It looks like a Mini Album Cover.

If you are looking for the commercially available Robert Kunin CD Backroads(or downloadable MP3’s, or other Robert Kunin CD’s/MP3’s not listed here), they can be purchased if you click on these links:, and iTunes (plus other on-line retailers).

CLICK HERE for Robert Kunin Links


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